Discover the New Area of Future of Retail @MICAM X – Pav. 1

Footwearology is an international footwear innovation and education center focused on creating a future where shoes have multiple lifecycles and are manufactured and sold on demand, through transparent, automated, local-for-local manufacturing and distribution systems. At MICAMx they will demonstrate in-store production and personalization of footwear through 3D printing and biotechnology.


Zakeke, enables a brand and retailer to provide a consumer with attractive 2D, 3D and augmented reality product customization options. Its suite of tools can be integrated with any e-commerce platform to enhance the shopping experience of consumers and increase sales for customers in industries ranging from fashion and jewelry to gaming, gadgets and sports equipment.  At MICAMx they will present a 3D Configurator for improved customer experience.

At MICAM X, The FIT DTech Lab, a design and technology innovation center at the Fashion Institute of Technology,  in collaboration with Bambuser, the world’s leading provider of live video shopping technology, will present an exciting new vision of the Future Of Retail.  Live Video Shopping is a new approach to retail that allows emerging designers to establish a deeper connection with their customers across digital platforms. Building on this innovation, the DTech + Bambuser team will present an extraordinary opportunity to experience a new approach to influencer marketing. At an exciting special event, Christopher Travers will introduce  ZERO, a virtual influencer created by Offbeat.  Offbeat has been disrupting the world of influence and fame by pushing the virtual influencer industry forward. Christopher is an entrepreneur who is deeply knowledgeable about avatars and building the avatar economy. 

at MICAMx Futureclo will bring the idea of the retail of the future. A complete experience from the digital try on of the garment, to the purchase of the garment and the delivery. All done directly on a screen or on apps in complete mobility, where the main theme will be digital and the omnichannel nature of a sustainable and newly conceived approach.

Futureclo leader in digitalization in fashion, brings to MicamX the key principles that distinguish it. Digitization in fashion to help traditional models, bringing benefits to companies that see innovation as a real strength.