Key Concept

In a symbolic and pivotal moment for the world and the footwear industry, which is undergoing a significant transformation, both with regard to the production processes and the whole ethos surrounding footwear (including the way it is perceived by the final consumer) MICAM X debuted in a 4 days event: a stage for the most innovative and technological proposals and a centre for inspiration, with speakers and innovative realities from all over the world.

With a rich calendar of events, MICAM X is an open discussion about the unknowns of the future, in an attempt to find the keys to understanding the increasingly disruptive transformations that are changing the rules of the game.

A meeting point for MICAM visitors: with speakers and innovative international realities.

A new format: to tell the evolution of the sector.

A reminder of the future: an open discussion about the unknowns of the future.

Presentations, workshops, installations and other initiatives dedicated to innovation.

4 key topics for the footwear industry: Art, Fashion, Heritage & Future – Trends & Materials – The future of Retail – Sustainability.

From inspiration, to product design, to new retail experiences: beauty comes from beauty. To create beautiful products, we need to understand where beauty comes from. MICAM X explores the moment and the origin of inspiration which, sprouting from art and heritage, reaches and inspires the consumer when he both sees a product and he interacts with the retail environment.

MICAM X is an inspiration centre, a spark that ignites an open debate that accompanies this change, from a cultural point of view.

Which are the fashion trends and the key items of next seasons? How will materials and colours evolve over the next seasons? How are consumers/purchase trends evolving? What drives their choices? How are materials evolving in response to the changing needs of consumers? Which are the most important demands of the market? Will consumers still buy products, or rather, concepts and designs?

MICAM is an immersive experience to discovering the future fashion trends, through accurate presentations, research and materials to see and touch.

Sustainability is a word around which new influences of consumption and new business models for companies are being created: but what does it really mean, how is it achieved? How can we move towards conscious and truly
sustainable purchasing choices? As the world moves towards new economies (circular, shared, green), it requires new business models and products that will be designed to be disassembled and 100% recyclable.

MICAM X is an opportunity to listen to prominent opinions and develop the conversation, providing a concrete basis for their choices.

With the development of increasingly advanced technologies, distribution channels are also rapidly changing in this constantly evolving environment, brands and retailers must redesign their approach, their offer and presence in the market, to respond to new styles and methods of consumption.

MICAM X brings technologies, prototypes, solutions and inspirations to support market strategies towards the consumer of the future.